Day 02 - Orbit #AdventureCalendar 2022


🎁 New & Improved Members Tab

Friday, December 2, 2022. It's been a long time coming, but the members tab has finally gotten a makeover that makes it more powerful and easier to use.

A screenshot of the new members tab showing 8 members and 7 columns
A screenshot of the new members tab showing 8 members and 7 columns

Updates include:

  1. A new table design that makes members easier to skim
  2. New table columns like Original Source (where the member first appeared) and Primary Email. Also removed table column for activity presence.
  3. An upgraded filters experience with
    • more filters, like Github Topics, Original Source, Organization traits, and whether members have a specific Linked Profile
    • more operators for each filter so you can now filter for members match any, match all, do not match, etc.
  4. A more powerful table search bar that you can now use to search for members by name, email domain, email, linked profile, or organization.
  5. A cleaner saved view experience so you can more easily save filters applied to the members table


You can see this new design under the Preview button on the Members Tab. We also have some resources below to help you get started:

If you need ideas of how to leverage the filters on the members table, check out these examples:


Every weekday in December, Orbit will release something new. Follow along here and on Discord, Twitter, and LinkedIn.