Day 03 - Orbit #AdventureCalendar 2022


🎁 Create Leads with Salesforce & Hubspot

Monday, December 5, 2022. Community Qualified Leads (CQLs) are just one of the ways that community teams can support the rest of their organization.

Whether it’s passing on good design partners to the product team, finding users with great stories to tell in a marketing case study, or identifying Organizations that the Sales team should be talking to, your CQLs are more valuable than ever.

That’s why we’ve created Actions in Orbit that can help you pass along those CQLs to popular tools such as Salesforce and/or HubSpot.


Whether it’s one contact, or multiple, you can access these from the Members tab in your Orbit workspace by filtering for your own specific criteria, and selecting the Members you want to pass on.

Alternatively, use them directly from a Member profile by expanding the Actions menu. The choice is yours!

Note: The HubSpot and Salesforce integrations are only available on our Premium and Enterprise plans.


If you’re looking for more detail on how you can get started actively sharing CQLs with your organization, take a look at our guide on how to get a process in place:

All the details about our Salesforce and HubSpot integrations can be found in our documentation:

Not ready for our Premium plan or using a different CRM? Take a look at the new Webhook Action that we announced last week:

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