Day 08 - Orbit #AdventureCalendar 2022


🎁 Team Actions History

Monday, December 12, 2022. Being in the know is great. So, when it comes to the daily lives of a busy community team, knowing who has reached out to a member about your next event, who created them as a contact in the CRM, or who had the last product feedback session is extremely valuable information thats going to keep things transparent and on-track.

The Team Actions History tab on the Orbit member profile aims to give you exactly this insight.


The Actions tab can be found on every member profile page and it lists all the actions taken by you and your Orbit collaborators.


You can see the action that was taken as well as the time and date and if that action was related to one of our integrations, whether it was successful.

Actions tab is available for every user on every price plan so go and check out what your colleagues have been up to in your workspace, right now.



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