Day 10 - Orbit #AdventureCalendar 2022


🎁 Reddit Keyword Filtering

Wednesday, December 14, 2022. Another integration update is hiding behind door number 10 on our Advent-ure Calendar, and this time we’ve been tweaking things under the hood for Reddit.

From today our Reddit integration supports Keyword Filtering.


Existing users can head to their integration settings to set up their keyword filtering. Take a look at our Reddit integration documentation to understand how it works and what areas we check for the keywords.

New users can set up keyword filtering right after connecting their Reddit account, at the same time as selecting up to five Subreddits to monitor.

Alongside this update to the integration, we’ve also updated our Filters so you can use Activity Properties > All Reddit Keywords to query activities based on the keywords you have set up.

We highly recommend using the keyword filtering, especially for Subreddits that are not 100% dedicated to your community, brand or product. This is a great way to ensure you are only creating activities and members that are relevant to you.

The Reddit integration is available for users on our Growth, Premium and Enterprise plans.



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