Day 11 - Orbit #AdventureCalendar 2022


🎁 Automated Workflows

Thursday, December 15, 2022. Today we're introducing a new way to set up automatic actions in your workspace: Workflows.

With Workflows, you can automatically add tags, create sales contacts/leads, and export CSVs based on a wide range of criteria that you get to choose from.


With our expanded filter possibilities and new action types, you can now automatically:

  • Tag target organizations in your workspace
  • Mark people who have made significant contributions to your community
  • Send interesting community qualified leads to your sales team

Go to the Workflows tab on your workspace to try it out and let us know what you think. The feature is still in beta, so we're all ears.

Workflows are available for users on our Growth, Premium and Enterprise plans.



Every weekday in December, Orbit will release something new. Follow along here and on Discord, Twitter, and LinkedIn.