Day 17 - Orbit #AdventureCalendar 2022


🎁 Orbit Model Update

Friday, 23 December, 2022. The Orbit Model is getting a refresh and an update at the start of 2023. Our aim is to make it more usable, understandable and actionable from within the Orbit workspace.

We’ll be presenting you with a new view of a member’s Love and Orbit Level over time, so you can see how it rises and falls, and how their journey through the levels is progressing.


Above, you can see the Orbit Level visualization on the member profile showing that this member:

  • Is currently Orbit Level 2
  • Has been on the rise over the past month due to increased consistent activity
  • Is just about to change to Orbit Level 1
  • Was relatively consistent in their participation from July to November

Overall, a solid community member. Here’s another example:


You can see that in the last 6 months:

  • They were just exploring the community to start
  • Around August they began to participate more an quickly rose to from exploring to contributing (Orbit Level 2)
  • End of October they crossed into Leading (Orbit Level 1)
  • They fell out of the community shortly after and have dropped back a level. This would be an indicator you could use to reach out to understand why.

Alongside these insights on the member profile, we’ll also be updating the Orbit Model reports to give you more insight into how your entire community is moving through your Orbit.

Finally, we’ve been under the hood, tinkering with the calculations to ensure that the Orbit Model is best placed to highlight the members with high presence, impact and engagement, making identification of champions and community heroes much more obvious.

The changes will be opt-in in January, so watch out for the in-app notice that will let you turn everything on 🔍



Every weekday in December, Orbit will release something new. Follow along here and on Discord, Twitter, and LinkedIn.